Nov 14, 2016

what to do..

when everything falls apart ?

1. you can cry...
2. you can scream...
3. you can go for a walk...
4. you can call a friend...
5. you can ask yourself "is there anything universe is trying to tell me "
or you can just eat a lot of chocolate

my choice for today......chocolate :) tomorrow I will do the rest of the things on my list...... :)

love you all

Nov 7, 2016

be brave

Hi guys, how was your weekend, mine was pretty awesome. I didn't do much I must say, but it was still awesome. So I did my gratitude list and of course my wish list. I'm doing my exercise every day, reading from my gratitude list and then from my wish list. And you know, something is different. 
Like most of the world population I have money challenge ( I will not say problem, because the word problem has very low vibration), so money is a challenge ( and I love the money :)) but when I did the lists and started to read them out loud the money just came, and there is another thing that came, I found a perfect house for us. I wrote on my wish list Thank you for the most beautiful house with the most beautiful garden, and yesterday I found it :) It's perfect !!!!!  and, yes the house has a garden :) 
You see my dearest readers, we can DO IT !! my Reiki teacher told me yesterday YOU HAVE THE POWER!! and I could agree more with her. We all have the power of manifesting anything we want, but do we realize that, probably not quite yet. But with the exercise we will.
Miracles are happening believe me. Stay focused, I know it is hard if you have challenges ( health, money, relationship or something else) but we must be strong !!!!  and every time you find yourself in a dark place just say FUCK IT !!!  and go further. Don't turn just go.

Stay beautiful, be brave, we can do it!!! 
I made this blueberry pie for you :) 

love you all

Nov 3, 2016

There is something magical in the ....

air :) every day is perfect, right. Well if you don't believe me, just go to the bathroom look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see, pure magic. You are the most beautiful creation universe ever made, everybody is unique. There is no one like you :).
I was thinking maybe it is time to do some experiment, I know, most of you read probably a lot of self esteem or law of attraction books, right. I know I did, and they are basically all the same. They all have one and only message. Your thoughts are your creations. What you think you become.
We must do this experiment every day at last for a month, we all be doing the same thing even me, because I want to try law of attraction on some other level :)
If you want to participate in the experiment, you must do homework of course, on one piece of paper write everything you want to achieve, on the other piece of paper write everything you are grateful for. Gratitude is the heart of law. :) how can we get things done if we are not grateful for the things we already have, we can't.  Every day go to mirror and read out loud first the things you are grateful for and then the things you want to achieve. Please don't mind what the people will think or even say, that is there problem not yours.
You can write a comment, you can talk with me if you want, and no I'm not some kind law of attraction freak :) I just want to test it, and if we can do this together, I think the universe will definitely hear us.
Are you in?

For the time being I did some double chocolate muffins, you know there is nothing chocolate can't fix.

love you all

Nov 2, 2016

November is here....

The other day friend asked me, what do you want my darling? well I want to live, I want to be happy, I want to buy a small house with the garden,.... So why don't you do that, was her response.
Well let me think ( I'm happy ) but the other things ... don't know. :) and it si  true I don't know, I think this is some kind of forties crisis.
 Don't get me wrong I like to be 40 years old / young :) but something is definitely  going on, maybe the hormones, or maybe it's because winter is coming, or maybe is some kind of energy shift, I really  don't know.
Lately I don't do much weaving any more, my crochet hook is in the drawer I started to cook and bake a lot ( I cooked before, but baking oh no, that is definitely not my mojo ). And yes I'm learning the magic of food styling, and food photography, not for likes on Instagram but for me, well if somebody say good things about my photo it is very nice, I must say.
I think the universe is playing games with me, he definitely has some secret agenda for me, but I don't see it at the moment :).
I  did finished my Usui Reiki master class, so I'm the master teacher of Usui Reiki now yeah :) so happy for that. Maybe the energy shifted in that process, you know, and maybe it is time to make drastic changes on my life path ( again ). For everybody who is reading my blog ( if so ) I did a lot of changes on may  path through the years, just because I start to feel trapped in process of doing something permanently, I'm always looking for something new to make, to learn new things, new skills...  I know the people think this is absolutely crazy, but you know I don't give a F... what other people think or say any more. It is me, take it or leave it.
So, my dearest readers, be happy, live your life, do what you like, talk the way you like, express your self, and the most important thing, don't listen to anybody, not even me :) Life is to damn short!!!
love you all